Meet Our Staff

Gateway Livestock Marketing Inc. - Feeder Cattle

Les Smith – President / Risk Management -

Les has 15 years feedlot experience as an owner/operator. During the past 25 years, in addition to commodity futures trading and hedge analysis, he has been deeply involved in marketing cattle. Proven skills in developing risk management programs that protect the cattle feeder and his drive to provide cutting edge expertise to the customer led Les to begin his own marketing firm.

Les is directly involved in the marketing of all feeders and fed cattle, either buying or selling. He oversees all administration plus the work conducted by his field representatives. Making himself available to staff and clients enables Gateway to deal efficiently with any concerns or questions. His hands-on approach is the backbone of success at Gateway.

Richard Sargent, CMA - Chief Financial Officer (CFO)-

Richard is a Certified Management Accountant with more than 15 years of agribusiness experience.  His prior management accounting roles throughout the value chain range from grain handling to grain processing and everything in between.  His prior commodity risk management experience will serve him well in his role as CFO at Gateway Livestock.

Garth Schlenker - Feeder Cattle 

New to the Gateway Livestock Marketing team, Garth brings a life time of livestock industry experience.Having graduated from The University of Calgary in 1991 with a Bachelor of Commerce degree, majoring in finance, he came back to Medicine Hat to be involved in the family order buying and ranching business. Over the years Garth has worked with many of the large feedlots in Western Canada, and has established relationships with producers and backgrounding lots in Southern Alberta and Saskatchewan. Call Garth to discuss all your feeder cattle requirements. 

Tracey Jones – Feeder Cattle Settlements -

Tracey joined Gateway Livestock Marketing in July 2011.  Tracey has extensive experience in the fields of customer service, human resource administration and office management that she has acquired over numerous years in the Trucking and Food Processing industries.  Her expertise in these areas will prove beneficial in her role as Feeder Cattle Settlements clerk


Gateway Livestock Exchange Inc. - Slaughter Cattle

Jeff Smith - General Manager -

Jeff has 10+ years of livestock marketing experience in the beef industry with much of that spent with slaughter cattle.  Jeff is committed to studying and analyzing carcass performance in order to obtain the optimum markets to ensure value to the customer.   Jeff’s technical knowledge and computer programming background is a great asset to the Gateway Team, in the new and changing ways of the industry. 

Anne Wasko - Marketing Analyst -

Anne has 25 years of livestock marketing experience in the beef industry with much of that spent as a Senior Market Analyst.  Anne’s marketing knowledge, strong network and relationships within the cattle industry ensures an optimum marketing experience for the cattle feeder.  Anne’s ability to provide market industry information from across North America, to analyze and benchmark cattle data and statistics all in a professional manner is a great asset to Gateway clients. 

Jay Good – Production/Inventory Coordinator -

Jay joined Gateway Exchange in the fall of 2011.  He has been involved in the beef industry his entire life, working in the seed stock sector, feed & nutrition sales, and “on the ground” feedlot management.  His experience and education in the field help him to maximize production, while maintaining cost effectiveness.  Jay’s communication abilities and understanding of the day to day processes of large feedlots lead him to an important role within the Gateway team.

Ron Stickel - Field Rep

Ron brings a lifetime of involvement in the Livestock Industry with experience as a Packer Buyer for Canada Packers.  He has also worked for feedlots in the area.  Ron has a great eye for fed cattle.  He is also diligent in ensuring paperwork and records are accurate when shipping cattle – important especially for export loads.  He has a great way with people and a witty sense of humor.

Bailey Boehmer - Slaughter Cattle Settlements -

Gateway Carriers Ltd. - Livestock Trucking

Trevor Currie – Manager / Logistics -

Trevor is a 20+ year veteran of the livestock transport industry. His organization of livestock transport ranges from local cow/calf moves, to cross-country and international hauling of fat cattle, feeder cattle, and hogs. Trevor’s experience and expertise is a great asset to the Gateway Team and, combined with the marketing strategies of Gateway’s other companies, provides efficient transport of livestock for both Gateway buyers and sellers. 

Curtis Schultz – Safety Officer -

Curtis joined the Gateway Team in the spring of 2010.  He has been involved in the trucking industry for the last 6 years and has been experienced in the industry in all facets from driver to dispatching and branch manager for a brief time. He understands what the drivers do and what they need to get up and down the road each day in a safe manner.  Curtis is committed to the safety and compliance of all our units each day with the ever changing rules and regulations they face traveling on our roads each day on both sides of the 49th parallel

Kathy Setoguchi – Carriers Clerk -